Natasha Finlay

President Natasha Finlay is delighted to join the board of BoucharDanse, having an ongoing admiration for the company’s work and deep respect for Artistic Director Sylvie Bouchard. Finlay is a dance notator and pre-show speaker for The National Ballet of … Read More

Ostap Odushkin

Treasurer Ostap Odushkin is a public educator living in Toronto. He earned his postgraduate degrees in social sciences in Budapest and Warsaw. As a university professor he taught philosophy for over a decade at Lviv National University in Ukraine. He … Read More

Janice Pomer

Board member Janice Pomer has been teaching, performing and creating in the fields of dance, music and theatre since 1976 touring across Canada and providing dance experiences for students of all ages and abilities in urban, rural, northern and First … Read More