Founded by artistic director Sylvie Bouchard in 2009, BoucharDanse is a company that combines the poetry of contemporary dance and the narrative element of theatre, together in one stroke. Trained in contemporary dance and with a strong background in character-driven work, Bouchard creates projects that speak passionately and poetically by layering stories and evocative imagery.

BoucharDanse serves as an umbrella for the artistic director’s creative endeavors and commitment to innovative dance presentations. The company aims to increase audiences for dance and be in close contact with them. Its repertoire includes pieces for both indoor and outdoor venues.

BoucharDanse presents works that are created and co-created by Bouchard and also commissions an array of talented Canadian choreographers to create new works for the company. Works co-created during her years at CORPUS are available to presenters through BoucharDanse. The company is dedicated to projects and collaborations that bring together Francophone and Anglophone artists.



Our financial partners


BoucharDanse would like to thank The Ontario Arts Council (The OAC is an Ontario Government Agency) and The Toronto Arts Council (through the City of Toronto) for their generous support through operating funding.




BoucharDanse would like to thank The Canada Council for the Arts and The Ministry of Francophone Affairs through the Government of Ontario for their generous project-based support



Our touring partners


The 2018 tour of Histoire d’amour has been organized with the support of the following touring partners:




Our repertoire