Successful creation process and work-in-progress showing of très loin

On Friday November 22nd, BoucharDanse completed another phase of creation for très loin, a new work by Artistic Director and choreographer Sylvie Bouchard. très loin explores how psychological trauma affects one’s psyche and how resilience is built through journeys of recovery.

très loin is a visual and kinesthetic installation, and a spectacular team of collaborators has joined Bouchard to bring this piece to life: visual artist Ed Pien, dramaturg Anne-Marie Donovan, composer Phil Strong, costume designer Cheryl Lalonde, lighting designer André du Toit and 4 dancers: Michael Caldwell, Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson and Meredith Thompson.

At the end of this creation process, we hosted two work-in-progress showings for invited audience, to get feedback and input for the continuation of this amazing creative journey. The premiere of très loin is scheduled for the spring 2021.

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming in January 2020!


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