Lindsay Ziel-Vogel

Lindsay Zier-Vogel is a Toronto-based writer, arts educator and bookmaker. She studied dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and completed a Masters of English at the University of Toronto.

She is currently working on her second novel titled The Opposite of Drowning, where twenty-year-old Bea Porter confronts grief as a lifeguard on the edge of Lake Ontario. Lindsay has written text for various dance pieces including Susan Kendal’s Organ Stories and travelled to Saskatchewan for a three-week creation residency for Shannon Litzenberger’sHOMEbody. Lindsay teaches writing and book making workshops and is the creator of The Love Lettering Project, a one-of-a-kind community-based love letter art project that was recently featured on CBC Television’s The National and deemed one of the top 50 reasons to love Toronto in Toronto Life magazine.


Photo: Joel Yum