Janice Pomer

Janice Pomer has been teaching, performing and creating in the fields of dance, music and theatre since 1976 touring across Canada and providing dance experiences for students of all ages and abilities in urban, rural, northern and First Nations communities.

Her books on movement and dance education are lauded by teachers and dance specialists in Canada, the U.S, the U. K., Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Perpetual Motion, Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts  (Human Kinetics USA) “If you are teaching dance and/or drama, and especially if you are teaching in the school system, you need this book… Pomer gives invaluable ideas for the integrated uses of arts in education…”Dance Spirit Magazine, USA

“Offers development strategies for creative tasks with learning outcomes and a clear pedagogical rationale.”Royal Academy of Dance UK

Dance Composition, An Interrelated Arts Approach (Human Kinetics USA)“Pomer’s book is filled with practical ideas on how you can teach and explore dance and choreography as creative processes of aesthetic learning and communication. It is about creativity in movement and dance as a multidimensional process. When movement is investigated in this dynamic and holistic way, it raises a lot of interesting questions about the concept of movement, experience, and meaning in education and life.” – Lis Engel, Institute of Exercise & Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen

“…takes dancers through the process of observation, exploration, creation and reflection, moving from simple to challenging, and relating ideas such as shape and light in art, time and tone color in music, and emotion and character in literature and drama to dance.”  – Book News USA