Hannah Shira Naiman

Based in North Bay, Ontario, Hannah comes from a long line of musicians and dancers, and has been dancing and singing her entire life.

After acquiring her BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, Hannah moved to Boston and founded her company, “Once Removed”. In 2007, Hannah shifted her focus to traditional music and dance; she began teaching folk dancing, starting with Ontario Step Dancing, then ceilidgh dances, contra dance, family dances, and squares. Her specialty is Appalachian Squares, children’s singing games, as well as clogging from that region. She has called for dances across Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Northeastern USA.

As a musician, she has released two albums of original songs based in the Oldtime Appalachian style. Her second album earned her the 2017 CFMA Award for Traditional Singer of the Year. Hannah has also recorded 2 children’s albums, with a third set for release in late 2019.