Chartier Danse

In 2003, Marie-Josée Chartier founded Chartier Danse in order to support her creative activities. She believes in bringing contemporary artists of diverse disciplines from the beginning of the creation to allow the development of layered, meticulous and integrated work and foster a level of communication that is central in accomplishing a strong artistic vision.

Acclaimed large scale productions with extraordinary artists came to life such asRed Brick celebrating the work of composer Michael J. Baker in collaboration with Arraymusic, Contes pour enfants pas sages with PPS Danse, Screaming Popesinspired from the work of painter Francis Bacon co-produced with fabrik Potsdam, Germany and Bas-Reliefs inspired from the paintings of Betty Goodwin in collaboration with Danse-Cité and uniting choreographers, designers and filmmakers from Montreal and Toronto.