Ayelen Liberona

Born in Toronto to Chilean political refugees, performer and choreographer Ayelen Liberona is nomadic by nature. Infused with a kinetic imagination, she studied dance in Cuba, received an anthropology degree at the University of Toronto and then moved to New York City.

Her work, best described as a multidimensional cinematic experience, has been shown to wide acclaim at festivals, theatres and on television across four continents. She has had the privilege of performing with artists such as Louis Falco, Rubin Kodheli, Harry Mavromichalis, Gabrielle Roth, Noémie Lafrance, Natalie Galazka and Joseph Johnson Cami.

In 2005, Liberona’s obsession with the moving image lead her to make films, intersecting dance, film and the pursuit of social justice through provocative documentaries. Presented internationally, her films have received both nominations and awards at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Miami Short Film Festival, amongst others. Her work has received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, the Laidlaw Foundation and Bravo!FACT. The artist continually investigates new possibilities for filming and expressing movement. She is honoured to collaborate with Sylvie Bouchard and BoucharDanse. AyelenLiberona.com