Maxime Kottmann

Market Development Manager. Maxime Kottmann is originally from France and arrived in Toronto in 2021. Maxime currently works as Market Development Manager for BoucharDanse. Maxime graduated from La Sorbonne and Langues’O in Paris, and studied at the National University of … Read More

Marketa Tokova

General Manager. Marketa has an extensive experience working with not-for-profit organizations in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Canada, as well as a Human Resources professional in a global spirit and wine producing corporation. She holds a Master degree in Business … Read More

Adina Herling

Financial Manager. Adina Herling began her career in Arts Management after receiving a Diploma in Dance from Ryerson University and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the University of Calgary.  After working with a number of arts organizations including … Read More

Sylvie Bouchard

Artistic Director. Sylvie Bouchard is originally from Montréal and began her training there before moving to Toronto in 1983, to study at the School of The Toronto Dance Theatre. She subsequently joined Toronto Dance Theatre in 1985 and performed nationally … Read More

Mikael Lavogiez

Communications and Marketing. Mikael Lavogiez is a web designer, photographer and videographer. A native of Strasbourg, France, he completed a degree in geography, but soon changed course and decided to invest his passion for photography and design within the arts … Read More