Unquiet Winds was inspired by medieval Japanese and European love poems. Its creation employs principles of Japanese Butoh dance.

I saw a girl under green laurel
Colder and whiter than the snow
Untouched by the sun for many years
Francesco Petrarch

It withers in the world,
This flower-like human heart.



  • Choreographer: Denise Fujiwara
  • Performers: Brendan Wyatt and Sylvie Bouchard
  • Director and Dramaturge: Marie-Josée Chartier
  • Costumes & Set Design: Cheryl Lalonde
  • Music & Sound Design: Thomas Ryder Payne

Performance History

Unquiet Winds premiered in May 2012, as part of Histoire d’amour, co-presented by DanceWorks and BoucharDanse. The piece was then adapted to a park setting for Dusk Dances 2013 and 2014.