“What does love feel like?” The audience is asked this question as the dance begins, and their responses play a key role in bringing the duet to life. Quirky, passionate, and never the same from night to night, this duet is a game of love. It reveals the many emotions that arise in the lifetime of a relationship.


  • Choreographer: Susie Burpee
  • Performers: Brendan Wyatt and Sylvie Bouchard
  • Director and Dramaturge: Marie-Josée Chartier
  • Costumes & Set Design: Cheryl Lalonde
  • Music: Ogives I, II, III and IV by Erik Satie, performed and recorded by Eve Egoyan

Performance History

This Is How We Love premiered in May 2012, as part of Histoire d’amour, co-presented by DanceWorks and BoucharDanse.