The light of the sun, the warmth of its rays, the immensity of its energy always infusing us…and then for the briefest moment, at its lowest ebb, it stops. Its annual pulse across the heavens pauses. Like a heart suddenly nearest death, it skips a beat.

Petits rêves was created by Sylvie Bouchard and commissioned by the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre.


  • Choreography: Sylvie Bouchard
  • Dancers:  Nicolette Coppola, Essence Haigh-Blackman, Sully Malaeb Proulx, Brianna Rennie and Nicholas RuscicaUnderstudies: Lola Jenkins, Dana Martin-Wylie, Gabrielle Ritchie and Emily Sinclair
  • Music: Arvo Pärt (Estonian Lullaby and Statuit ei Dominus)
  • Sound mix and manipulations: James Bunton
  • Costume design: Angel Wong
  • Costume production: Krista Dowson
  • Lighting design: Arun Srinivasan

Performance history

Petits rêves premiered on December 11th 2015, as part of  CCDT’s Wintersong.