Set in a dream-like landscape, this trio explores the mysteries of the unknown, fragility and untapped power. Within this unsettling terrain, three siblings look at the past and learn to trust their intuition. Calm and dazzling winds, sudden gusts and tornadoes accompany them on their journey. L’éternel voyage is a hymn to life, a call to fully savour moments that are precious to us.


  • Choreography: Sylvie Bouchard
  • Performance: Mairéad Filgate, Meredith Thompson, Brendan Wyatt
  • Music: Phil Strong
  • Costume design: Cheryl Lalonde
  • Lighting design: Guillaume Houët-Brisebois
  • Artistic consultant: Marie-Josée Chartier



Performance history

L’éternel voyage has premiered on the

DanceWorks CoWorks Series
October 23-25, 2014
Harbourfront Centre Theatre.