Due to severe budget cutbacks, the 217th Canadian Flying Squadron has been left without planes! Determined to fly at any cost, the flyers continue their regimented training in an imaginary terrestrial airfield. The flyers have paraded their hilarious maneuvers, choreographed down to the millimeter, to audiences around the world.


  • Choreography: Sylvie Bouchard
  • Costumes: Nina Okens
  • Voice coach: Marie-Josée Chartier

A Flock of Flyers was first created by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon under the Company CORPUS. A Flock of Flyers : remix is an adaptation of this piece created by Sylvie Bouchard.


“A whimsical take on military discipline that owes more to Monty Python than the armed forces.” – The Ottawa Citizen

“… fuses biting social commentary and astounding feats of physicality with delightful wit.” – Toronto Life

“Burlesque et très hilarant.” – La dépêche du midi, France

Performance History

A Flock of Flyers has been performed more than 500 times worldwide, including: WinterCity (Toronto, CANADA), ESSEXstreetdiversions (Chelmsford, UK), Dublin Fringe Festival (Dublin, IRELAND), 2nd International Istanbul Regional Theatre Festival (Istanbul, TURKEY), MUECA Festival (Canary island), and the Boulevard festival (Hertogenbosch, THE NETHERLANDS). A Flock of Flyers was the Gold Medal Winner at the IV Games of la Francophonie 2001 in Hull, Quebec (Street Theatre category).



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