Every day of the year, through pouring rain, blowing winds and interminable heat, Bill puts on his slacks and suspenders and tweed hat and heads out to the park to feed the birds. Bill is very much alone in the world, except for his friendship with the birds. Although Bill has a love for all birds, it is Lewis the pigeon who is closest to his heart. They are like any best friends; they laugh and joke, play tricks on each other, but above all would do anything for each other.

On what seems like an ordinary summer day, Bill and Lewis are hanging out on their bench doing what they always do when Bill suddenly meets the bird of his dreams, the elegant and impetuous Feather. Through dance, movement, puppetry and clown, we watch as Feather & Bill struggle to understand each other and their place in the world, and we witness the blossoming of what could be a lifelong loving partnership.

Lisa Anne Ross, whose work as an artist has been focused in physical theatre forms such as mask, clown and puppetry, portrays the lonely but optimistic Bill. The short piece opens with Bill settling onto his favorite bench to feed his flock of birds, which are animated through simple rod puppets, by puppeteer, Noah Kenneally. Lewis the pigeon, a larger puppet build out of foam, feathers and paint, then emerges and we watch as the best friends interact. Just a Lewis departs we are then introduced to the shimmering, elegant but slightly off-kilter vision of Feather, who is played by dance artist Sylvie Bouchard.

The sight of Feather sends our lonely man Bill into a fit of desire and hope; this is the bird that Bill has been waiting for all his life. Through gentle comedy, dance, movement, a battle of the wills and a little help from Lewis the pigeon, we watch as these two creatures build a common language and eventually a mutual desire to be together.


  • Created by: Sylvie Bouchard and Lisa-Anne Ross
  • Performed by: Sylvie Bouchard and Lisa-Anne Ross