By re-embodying Adam and Eve, Barbie and Ken, Beauty and the Beast, Bonnie and Clyde, and many other iconic couples, two people search for answers. This full-length duo is inspired by the tales of classic romantic couples, both in fiction and reality. While exploring passion, tragedy and romance, Cycle romantique tells a contemporary tale through the quintessence of these iconic couples.


  • Choreography and concept: Sylvie Bouchard
  • Directed by: Louise Naubert
  • Performed by: Sylvie Bouchard and Brendan Wyatt
  • Set designer: Claude Guilmain
  • Images created by: Claude Guilmain
  • Technical Director and Co-Set Designer: Duncan Appleton
  • Original Music and Adaptations: Phil Strong and Thomas Hoy
  • Costume design: Cheryl Lalonde
  • Lighting design: Michael Brunet
  • Understudy: Meredith Thompson

Two is Company was first created by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon under the Company CORPUS. Cycle romantique is a remake of this piece created by Sylvie Bouchard.

Recent performances

On September 23th, 24th and 25th 2016, BoucharDanse has presented its latest creation Cycle romantique, at Glendon Theatre (Glendon College).