at yes of day is part of a commissioning project that is comprised of solos and duos of 30 minutes each – intimate encounters created by choreographers with whom Sylvie Bouchard wants to journey with creatively, exploring new territories and enabling all collaborators to discover together.


  • Choreographed by: Yvonne Coutts (in close collaboration with the interpreters)
  • Interpreted by: Marc Boivin and Sylvie Bouchard
  • Music by: Jesse Stewart
  • Text: Michael Singer; collaborators
  • Costumes: Collaborators with Cheryl Lalonde
  • Sound Unit Construction: Peter Earle
  • Photographs: John Lauener
  • Lighting: Jareth Li

*Remembering is the process which imprints memory traces with new elements of sensation, perception, thought, or experience in associative connections.


Download the Technical Rider