La gigue en souvenir in Québec and Ontario in summer and fall 2017

BoucharDanse will be touring La gigue en souvenir in June, August and September 2017.

Don’t miss this opportunity to present a gigue that is exhilarating and re-invented.

We offer three ways in which to present La gigue en souvenir:

A- The performance
This 10-minute piece includes 6 dancers (3 men and 3 women) and is choreographed on music by Les Charbonniers de l’enfer. Rhythmic and unifying, La gigue en souvenir can be danced on concrete, cement, or on a flat lawn surface.

B- Square dance workshop with a caller, followed by the performance
A 45-minute square dance workshop is offered just before the performance. Any person of any age can attend the workshop. No dance or square dance experience is required, nor particular clothing; people are only advised to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Participants don’t have to register in advance. Come and take part in the workshop and then watch the performance.

C – Dance workshop with a group of local young dancers, and the performance that includes these young dancers.
This workshop is made for young members of a local school of dance, aged 12 to 14. These young dancers will learn one section of La gigue en souvenir that will have been choreographed especially for them. This section will then be integrated to the piece and will be presented during the show, with the professional dancers. An even number of participants (between 8 and 12) is required.

La gigue en souvenir makes the past come alive through a journey inspired by the energy, the complexity and the vigour of the traditional Québec gigue. Six dancers perform on the music of Les Charbonniers de l’enfer, reinventing the folk tradition of the “gigue” in a contemporary fashion. This dance, created by Sylvie Bouchard (with Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa for the final section), becomes a bridge between past and present and an ode to this most expressive of heritage. Join us for this rich and invigorating experience


For more information on La gigue en souvenir, or any other BoucharDanse repertory works, please contact Sylvie Bouchard at: or follow this link.

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