Histoire d’amour tours in Canada in spring and fall 2018

BoucharDanse will be touring Histoire d’amour in the Spring and Fall 2018.

An undying quest for love and a need to understand its meaning is at the basis if this full-length dance-theatre trio. Histoire d’amour examines the essence of this ethereal feeling we cannot live without.

Two lovers meet in different time periods and continue their quest for love throughout centuries. With sections created by Julia Aplin, Susie Burpee, Louis-Martin Charest, Denise Fujiwara, and SylvieBouchard/Louis Laberge-Côté, Histoire d’amour showcases a variety of choreographic voices. Each choreographer was given a specific time period as a source of inspiration when creating their respective section. The goal was not to replicate this time period but rather to be inspiroled by it and to create original ways to underline the prescribed modes of affections that were present at each time periods.

Histoire d’amour is performed by Sylvie Bouchard, Brendan Wyatt and actor Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, is directed by Marie-Josée Chartier, and the projections are by Ayelen Liberona.

A “small stage” version will be created to accommodate presenters with more intimate spaces.

Year of premiere : 2012
Target audience : General public
Required space : Minimum 7m x 7m


For more information, credit, photos and trailer of Histoire d’amour, or any other BoucharDanse repertory works, please contact Sylvie Bouchard at: sylvie@bouchardanse.com or follow this link.

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