Sylvie Bouchard and William Yong. Photo: Cylla Von Tiedemann


“A sure-fire crowd pleaser”

The Globe and Mail








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Two is Company


From Adam and Eve to Barbie and Ken: In search of history’s great lovers... First presented in 2006, Two is Company brings to life the most famous names in history’s little black book. The full-length duo is inspired by the tales of classic romantic couples throughout history, both in fiction and reality. While exploring the passion, tragedy, romance and happy endings these historical couples exemplify, as well as showcasing the universally complex behaviours that inevitably arise between two lovers, Two is Company also offers various twists on these historic tales. Sylvie Bouchard and William Yong.
Photo: Cylla Von Tiedemann

What the press is saying about Two is Company:

Wickedly comic.” – The Toronto Star

A sure-fire crowd pleaser.”- The Globe and Mail

Two is Company was first created by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon under the Company CORPUS.






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