Mariana Mendellin-Meinke and Marc Marans. Photo Brian Côté








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In Theatre Performances

A la gauche de dieu


Co-production with Le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario

Two people: one man and one woman. They have everything: successful jobs, a stable family and are… happy. They are married, but not to each other. Still, they are similar: they want nothing more of life. SHE is a real estate agent and holds the keys to the houses that she is selling. HE happens to be looking for a new house. The stage is set for falling in love! Ten houses, ten tableaux: rendez-vous in the beds of others, in which a deep passion will emerge and evolve. The story of a relationship balancing on the thread of life – the autopsy of a forbidden love. Christophe Brochard, Mariana Mendellin-Meinke
Photo: Brian Côté

Text: Robert Marinier

Scenography: Geneviève Pineault

Choregraphy: Sylvie Bouchard

Music: Edgardo Moreno






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