BoucharDanse presents two works at Dusk Dances 2016


This July and August, BoucharDanse will be presenting This Is How We love and Carousel at Dusk Dances.

This Is How We Love is a duet choreographed by Susie Burpee, and performed by Brendan Wyatt and Sylvie Bouchard. The work is an outdoor adaptation of the vignette created by Susie Burpee for BoucharDanse’s full-length stage performance, Histoire d’amour.

Carousel is a quartet originally created by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon through the Company CORPUS in 1997.

With its meticulous choreography and irresistible charm, Carousel is a complete harmony of movement and color, an unforgettable encounter danced to the sound of French accordion music.

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